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We offer compensation and benefits packages considered to be among the best among country. Check with our representative in for specific rewards and benefits packages we offer. Many locations offer subsidised services such as sports facilities, medical/dental care and car parking. 

We have flexible working arrangements and paid time off that help you achieve a fulfilling work-life balance. Just one of the many flexible working policies we have in place to ensure you have more time to do the things you love. On top of a competitive starter salary, you’ll be recognised and rewarded through performance related pay. 



We create a positive culture of leadership and mentoring. Make sure employees are comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels. Encourage one-on-one meetings between various roles and teams. Uniting around a common cause brings the team together and ensures everyone is working toward the same goal.

Customer and employee success and satisfaction are the top two priorities. The two go hand-in-hand, and as they build each other up, they create an external and internal army of brand ambassadors.


With this JPK recognised course under your belt, you as an PANCAR Student will have a variety of options for your future.

Graduates could work as a repair technician with PANCAR or any other mobile repair company across Malaysia. See our job opportunities down here.

for Professionals

Bring your knowledge and talent to our diverse teams in Teaching, Technology Workmanship, Workshop Technician. We welcome your unique and relevant experience including those who are on a Career Comeback or even if you are a PANCAR Alumni.

for Students

Our Internship Programme provides undergraduates with the opportunity to experience work life at PANCAR and other affiliate partner companies and gain insights into the working world. It is also a platform for the firm to evaluate highly motivated undergraduates who may potentially join us.

Entry level positions are open according to the selected intakes. We have monthly joining dates for graduates joining our technical repair team, and the Earn While You Learn programme for non-graduates.

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